What is fine-tuning?

A brief guide and how to do it correctly with our accessories

Magic Dream Accessories

All Magic Dream accessories uses the same operating principle. (patent application N1353485 of 17 May 2004)

The fundamental concept of these accessories is they dissipate energy transforming it into rotary movement. Advantage with this system is it can dissipate large amounts of energy in an immediate time to vibrations transmission with the result of a clear improvement in sound reproduction.

These accessories and their use can be classified into three different and distinct application cases for a perfect fine-tuning.

In a domestic Hi-Fi system there are 3 completely different sectors where we can interact to improve sound:

  • Decoupling Feet: positioned BELOW electronics and speakers. To decouple respectively from shelf and floor where them are placed.
  • Vibration Stabilizers: positioned ABOVE electronics and speakers. They interact by dissipating energy from components chassis and from loudspeakers cabinets.
  • Cable Holders: which interact on the current circulates inside cables.

In these three cases energies involved are completely different both in physical and scientific concept. For a final and optimized fine-tuning of any Hi-Fi system, none of these three main variables must be neglected.

Decoupling Feet

Decoupling Feet

Feet must be placed under electronics, anti-seismic bases, tables for electronics, power strips, power supplies, etc.

Magic Dream foot dissipates energy by exploiting the weight that is applied to it (eg. an electronics that is placed over feet has its own specific weight, the same weight will dissipate energy transforming it into a rotary movement), also energy transmitted to the electronics from the support base, for example from the base itself where the electronics are placed (table, glass base, wooden base, etc.) which vibrates to transmit unwanted vibrations to devices.

We suggest

Use of a set of 3 feet to be placed under each component of your system. A triangle arrangement is recommended.

Start lifting and decouple your power strip, then the CD Player, the preamplifier, the DAC, the power amplifier(s) and finally the speakers.

Vibrations Stabilizers

Vibrations stabilizers are placed on top of electronics, power supplies, power transformers, loudspeakers etc. Can also be used as feet for speakers and electronics.

Vibrations stabilizers dissipate energy generated internally by electronics (power transformers), vibrations coming from loudspeakers cabinets, from power supplies, power transformers, etc.

These internal vibrations add up to the sound message, creating alterations in the final sound. Good fine-tuning with vibration stabilizers is crucial for improved sound naturalness and improvement on all audio spectrum parameters. Vibrations stabilizers dissipate energy transforming it into rotary motion by exploiting the mass of its own weight.

The tuners (Acustic Tuner) are positioned and screwed over stabilizers to increase energy dissipation effects and also act as resonators. Positioned above the speakers they act as sound refractors improving focus of the acoustic scene.

We suggest

Use of at least one stabilizer above each system component.

Start stabilizing your CD Player, then the preamplifier, the DAC, the power amplifier(s) and finally the speakers and (if applicable) stabilize your turntable with a clamp.

Above your speakers we reccomend the use of the Acoustic Tuner screwed on top of each stabilizer.

Vibration Stabilizers
Cables Holders


Not just simple cables lifters! Cable stabilizers are used to hold all Hi-Fi system cables (power cables, signal cables and speaker cables).

Energy to be dissipated in this case is the one triggered by passage of current in the connection cables. These accessories are able to perceive the micro vibrations triggered in the cable by current passage. Use of these dissipators for cables is unparalleled in its kind for improving acoustic scene and restoring musical recordings sound levels.

We suggest

Use of at least one cable holder on power cables and both speaker cables.

Start with the main cable that powers the whole Hi-Fi system. Then, stabilizes each speaker cable. Where possible, stabilizes each power cable of each single component.

Our Recommendation

For a complete fine-tuning of a Hi-Fi system, we reccomend all of these 3 points must be satisfied and contemplated. Satisfying a single point or just 2 we cannot say we have done a total and complete fine-tuning, as the above mentioned accessories work in close synergy.

How should be positioned?

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