Turntable Clamp Luxury

Gold & Platinum Stabilizers
  • Model: Turntable Clamp Luxury
  • Line: Gold & Platinum
  • Code: CLA8065G&P
  • Material: Gold Plated Brass
  • Diameter: 80 mm.
  • Height: 68 mm.

How it's made

Turntable Clamp Luxury is made of precious materials like gold plated brass and bakelite, with high standard finishes.

Where to place it

This stabilizer clamp must be placed on top of the vinyl record.

What it does

Turntable clamp with energy sink function.

Improve stylus tracking accuracy, improving record reading, making the sound more precise and dynamic.


This stabilizer shows excellent precision on low frequency response and an improvement in micro details.

Improves dynamics of the entire musical spectrum.

This precious clamp uses the Omicron Magic Dream energy dissipation system.

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