Cable Holder + Stabilizer Classic

Magic Dream Stabilizers
  • Model: Cable Holder + Stabilizer Classic
  • Line: Stabilizers
  • Code: ST10200CA
  • Material: Delrin®
  • Diameter: 100 mm.
  • Height: 200 mm.

How it's made

Cable Holder + Stabilizer Classic is made of Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards.

Where to place it

The device must be screwed on top of STABILIZER CLASSIC.

What it does

Used as a cable holder for power cables, improves focus of acoustic scene and makes sound faster and more dynamic.

Used as a cable holder for signal cables (CD Players, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, etc.), improves sound naturalness, increasing also micro detail.

Used as cable holder for speaker cables, increases sound impact of acoustic scene, making musical transients more incisive and real.


Cable clamping cap has the ability to tighten round cables up to 32 mm.

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