Who We Are

Some things you should know about us

About Omicron

The Omicron was founded by Mauro Mauri in 1998, after more than twenty years of experience in the field of precision mechanics as the owner and designer. Passion for music and the pursuit of perfection is the main focus on the construction of our products. Technology, innovation and scientific research are fundamentals points on which is based mainly the Omicron Group.

Our Goal

We thinks the true and only bond between peoples is the music regardless of skin color, religion and the welfare state in which they live. We at Omicron will always work to improve the sound reproduction without any compromise about materials, to get any music played at maximum of its quality.

Original Patents

The company uses industrial original and proprietary patents for realization of modular structures for high-end tables and for realization of the Magic Dream accessories. The first high-end accessories to be introduced on the market and the first to be the most imitated in the world.


The whole universe is vibration, light is vibration, sound is vibration. Don't think about eliminating vibrations but think about using them to the fullest.


Year 2001: Oscar of the year Fedeltà Del Suono - speakers category

Year 2003: Award Top Audio Video Milan - accessories category Hi-End tables

Year 2005: Award Top Audio Video Milan - accessories category Magic Dream

Year 2006: Award Fedeltà del suono - accessories category Magic Dream

Year 2006: Hong Kong Hi-Fi Award 2006 - accessories category - Magic Dream

Year 2007: Award Top Audio Video Milan - accessories category - Harmonic Stabilizer

Year 2007: Award Design - Top Audio Video - accessories category - Harmonic Stabilizer

Year 2008: Award fedeltà del suono - Terni - accessories category - Magic Dream

Year 2010: Phileweb Award - Audio Excellence Award 2010 - Accessories category - Harmonic Stabilizer


most requested accessories

Classic Feet
Cable Holders
Harmonic Stabilizer
Faraday Stabilizer

About Our Products

Designed & Made in Italy
All our products are designed and entirely manufactured in Italy since 1998. All our projects are original and patented and the most imitated in the world.
High precision
All our accessories are machined with latest generation of CNC machines offering a very high precision degree in the realization of each component.
Innovative Design
All our products are the fruit of innovative and original designs in the field of combating vibrations of every single device.
Products Features
All our production of accessories are the result of extensive research on the vibrational motions related to particles and their interaction and propagation in materials.
Highest Performance
All our products are designed, optimised and manufactured to give the end user the highest performance degree.
Dedicated support
We offer our customers a high degree support and explanation on the use of each individual product sold.