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The Omicron Harmonic Stabilizer

The Omicron Harmonic Stabilizer. The design with spiral-shaped recesses have been specifically designed to increase the functionality of a "environmental acoustic resonator". Our electronics and loudspeakers are always placed in the domestic environment where an acoustic scene is recreated. Harmonic Stabilizers also function as "frequency resonators" and allow an significant improvement in the acoustic scene. Here is a short video.

The whole universe is vibration, light is vibration, sound is vibration. Do not think to cancel the vibrations but think how to use them to the fullest.

Harmonic-Stabilizer is made of Delrin polymer with high mechanical standards.

  • Positioned above electronics, loudspeakers, transformers etc... Makes the sound faster, more focused and natural.
  • Placing this accessory over the speakers you get a refraction of the sound and further clarity of the acoustic scene and sound levels.

Pressing with both thumbs you can turn the gold plated ring clockwise or counterclockwise changing so the energy dissipation (and sound).

All this kind of stabilizers can be stacked (two or more) to increase the energy dissipation, optimizing sound regulation in the listening room.