Decoupler Energy Special Metal Derlin

Gold & Platinum Feet
  • Model: Decoupler Energy Special Metal Derlin
  • Line: Gold & Platinum
  • Code: ENSPMD-6050
  • Material: Brass and Derlin
  • Diameter: 60 mm.
  • Adjustable Height: Min: 55 mm. ˜ Max: 63 mm

How it's made

Gold & Platinum Energy Special Metal Derlin Feet are made of plated brass and Delrin, availables 24K gold, silver platinum and black nickel finishes, includes 16 mm. wide gold plated steel balls. As option and upon request, metal balls can be replaced with ceramic balls.

Where to place it

The feet Decoupler Energy Special Metal Derlin can be placed under any electronic component, power supplies and voltage stabilizers, as well as under power distributors.

The Energy Special Metal Derlin feet are specific for loudspeakers in 4-piece sets.

What it does

The Energy Special Metal Derlin feet increase the efficiency of the speakers and electronics.

Placed under electronics, makes sound more fluid and faster with greater separation of musical instruments, giving a greater three-dimensionality to the sound, making it more focused, accurate and more real.

Placed under power supplies, voltage stabilizers and under power distributors, improves focus and depth of the acoustic scene and you will notice an increase of the speed of execution of the music tracks.

Overall improvement on precision of micro-detail, with the range of low frequencies more precise and focused.


The upper shell has the possibility of being screwed to create anti-seismic bases or it can be screwed to electronics, loudspeakers, power supply etc...

This special decoupler feet is able to support heavy load.

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