Acoustic Tuner

Magic Dream Stabilizers
  • Model: Acoustic Tuner Stabilizer
  • Line: Stabilizers
  • Code: AC4060D
  • Material: Delrin®
  • Diameter: 40 mm.
  • Height: 60 mm.

How it's made

Acoustic Tuner is made of Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards. Including a threaded screw MA14 Ø 10 mm. to be screwed over the stabilizers.

Where to place it

The device must be screwed onto STABILIZER CLASSIC and HARMONIC STABILIZER.

What it does

Works like an acoustic resonator improving the naturalness of the sound.


Once (screwed on the above mentioned stabilizers) and positioned above loudspeakers, works like an acoustic refractor improving acoustic scene in the listening room, further improving sound.

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