Cable Stabilizer Faraday

Gold & Platinum Stabilizers
  • Model: Cable Stabilizer Faraday
  • Line: Gold & Platinum
  • Code: SC164150G&P
  • Material: Chrome Plated Delrin®
  • Diameter: 160 mm.
  • Height: 130 mm.

How it's made

Cable Stabilizer Faraday is made of chrome plated Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards, includes 6 gold plated steel balls on a double dissipation system (12 balls in total) and a golden ring with a spiral slot for fine adjustment of the stabilization. As option and upon request, metal balls can be replaced with ceramic balls.

Where to place it

Cable Stabilizer Faraday is a cable holder that allows dissipation of counter-phase vibrations on any cable.

What it does

Used as cable holder for power cables, increases sound-stage focus. Makes sound more fast and dynamic. Improves low frequencies precision with an micro detail increase.

Used as cable holder for signal cables, improves sound naturalness with more sound stage focus and improved micro detail.

Used as cable holder for speaker cables, increases dynamics of the acoustic scene, making music transients more incisive and realistic.


By rotating the external golden ring (placed above stabilizer), it's possible to vary oscillations and consequently energy dissipation. This allows to tune the sound according to your personal needs and allowing optimization and sound tune in the listening room. By changing position of the golden ring, can be varied sound nuances, making it more natural, dynamic and accurate.

Faraday mount a cable clamp over its stand. These supports have divided cuts at 90 degrees angle. Faraday can hold cables from 5 to 25 mm. and from 20 to 40 mm.

On top of the cable clamping head there are 3 hollows, in order to accommodate 3 balls (optionals), allowing to add Classic Stabilizer or Harmonic Stabilizer on it. This allows a further improved tuning stage of sound calibration.

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